$3.00 USD

As we all adjust to life indoors, isolated from the world, we grow more aware of what gives our lives meaning. Art is perhaps even more urgent at this time, as we turn to the people and places most important to us in order to find a sense of normalcy and safety. 

At Critical Read, we know that art is essential. We have always known this. We're asking you to help us spread the word.  

We are looking for essays of around 300 words on a publically held work created by an American artist—be it visual art, performing art, or literature—that you are turning to now. It could be an appreciation of the art you have access to from your home. It can also be a remembrance of the art you wish you could see or hear right now, or a trip to a museum or arts organization that you wish you could relive. How is this work of art sustaining you right now? How has it transformed you? Why does it drive you? 

We will be publishing a collection of essays every month. Selected essays will be awarded $25. 

In September Critical Read exceeded its limit for unpaid submissions. We now much charge a $3 submission fee. The fee gets you a free Critical Read ebook download. 

Examples for what we are looking for can be seen here: http://www.criticalread.org/art-is-essential-essays-week-one

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.